City of Jackson - Public Works



About Us

The Department of Public Works maintains the city’s streets, sewers, and catch basins year-round. During autumn the department provides a leaf drop off program . In winter, snow removal is the priority.

The Department of Public Works will be street sweeping starting in March. The sweepers will be cleaning the curb and gutter down the entire length of the street. If possible, when sweepers are in your area, please refrain from parking your vehicle on the street. Please do not rake or sweep yard debris into the street, as extra debris will plug up the sweeping units.

Public Works employees also check city sidewalks. Public Works also administrates the Noxious Weed Program. From May 1 to October 31, property owners must keep grass mowed to less than 8 inches or the city will have it mowed and the property owner will be invoiced.

The Department of Public Works actively works to be behind the scenes of many different civic events and programs that happen throughout the city by providing support and maintenance when needed.

Additional Information
If you have any questions regarding the responsibilities of the department, please contact us at 517-788-4170. For after hours emergencies, please call 517-788-4100.