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Family Service & Children's Aid


Non-profit & Charitable Organizations/Foundations

About Us

Family Service & Children’s Aid (FSCA) touches the lives of thousands of people in Jackson County through a variety of programs all designed to strengthen individuals and families.

We touch families and children through our child welfare programs like FOSTER CARE, FOSTER HOME LICENSING, ADOPTION, & WENDY’S WONDERFUL KIDS.
We provide INDIVIDUAL & FAMILY COUNSELING services to people of all ages.
We provide SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT for people struggling with addiction, and support to their families.
We provide an EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM to companies in our area.
We provide PARENT EDUCATION to anyone in the community who wants to learn to be a better parent, and IN-HOME PARENT EDUCATION to parents trying to reunify with their children in foster care.
We provide a DIVERSION PROGRAM for youth so they can have a second chance after making a mistake, and we provide DRUG & ALCOHOL PREVENTION EDUCATION to all of the youth in our Jackson County middle schools and high schools.
We provide ADULT GUARDIAN SERVICES to vulnerable adults in the community who cannot take care of their own medical and financial affairs.
We partner with other providers in our community to make Jackson a Trauma-Informed Community.