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Jackson Community Foundation


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About Us

The following beliefs guide the Jackson Community Foundation in its work:
A healthy community is based on self-sufficient individuals and families who are themselves healthy, caring and responsible.
Lasting positive change includes active citizen involvement at the grassroots neighborhood level.
The most effective means of solving community problems are comprehensive community-wide strategies that focus on prevention and are targeted at root causes.
Wise use of community resources requires being accountable for measurable outcomes.
Excellence in the delivery of nonprofit programs and services requires a commitment to both mission and management.
A diversity of individuals, organizations and perspectives is essential to any effective community building effort.
Strategies that build on community assets and strengths rather than focusing on deficits and weaknesses are most effective.
Respect for and development of local leadership and traditions strengthens the community.
A community-wide commitment to lifelong learning, development and growth for all citizens is essential to sustaining a healthy community.